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Logo Design & Brand Identity in Wellington


Our graphic designers specialise in logo design and brand identity. We believe your brand should be a reflection of your business’s individuality. Having a unique design makes a business stand out from the rest of the competition. We understand the importance of details, elements and your ideas, thus we work on the design with you together.

Websense Development offers professional logo design and brand identity development services in Wellington, NZ. Our experienced team understands your business’s values, core strengths, and target audience in order to develop your brand identity. Along with brand identity, we also do logo design; which follows the aesthetics of the brand identity we develop.

The Art of Good Brand Identity

Brand identity is a combination of various elements such as colour, typeface, messages, actions, visual devices, marketing material and more. Developing strong brand identity is based on understanding what your brand is about. You need to set out your values, your brand’s personality, and your uniqueness.

Logo Design & Brand Identity Wellington NZ
Your Story

Every business has a story behind it. Each story is different. Tell your story to the people.

Your Uniqueness

What makes you stand out of the crowd? Is it your special sauce, your services or your vision?

Your Message

Search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc., give user experience equal importance in the SEO game. Your website should be responsive and user-friendly.

responsive Google logo design brand identity Wellington NZ

Logo Design Services Wellington

It can be confusing to read terms like corporate identity, brand identity, identity design, logo design, brand strategy, branding and more.

People always associate your company name and your logo. It is the first thing which comes to their mind. For example, you might think of a smartphone and may think of Apple or Samsung right away. You may think of animated movies and think of Disney or Pixar. You might think of Toyota or Ford when you think of cars.

It is easy for people to associate your name with a specific field of service or product you offer.