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Search Engine Optimisation


Search Engine Optimisation is one of the most important aspects of a good website. SEO or Search Engine Optimisation helps your website have better web presence.

Having a good ranking website is important for all businesses if they want to perform better than the rest of their competitors. A well-optimised website is easy to find on search engines. Professional SEO services by Websense are available for all big or small businesses across New Zealand.

Our SEO experts have all the technical knowledge about search engine optimisation to offer you the best SEO services. We use many SEO tools to help your website rank better than your competitors in your industry. Our SEO services are available to businesses like restaurants, cafes, bakeries, plumbers, and more.

There are a bunch of keywords which brought you here to our Websense Development page, which means our SEO strategies are implemented correctly.

What is Website SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, it is a process of increasing quantity and quality of traffic to your website. It also helps your business or brand gain exposure through search results.

For SEO optimisation to work, it is important to know what your audience is searching for, what kind of content they are looking for. By answering these questions, you will understand there are different factors which affect your website and your website’s rank.

Some of the most important SEO ranking factors are:

SEO Search Engine Optimisation Wellington
Keyword Planning

Keywords are the key elements in search engine optimisation. Using relevant keywords in content boosts page ranking.

High-Quality Content

Having a good amount of content on your website will help search engines to crawl and rank your website well.

Mobile-Friendly Website

Search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc., give user experience equal importance in the SEO game. Your website should be responsive and user-friendly.

Page Speed

With mobile-friendly website, the website should load faster. Websites with faster page speed are ranked better than other websites.


A sitemap helps search engines to know what web pages are included in your website. It is also responsible for getting all your web pages to be ranked.

Image Optimisation

Your media files hold keyword relevancy. For example, images have alt text, caption, title, and description which can give search engines information about what your web page.

If it doesn't rank, it doesn't count.


Outrank Your Competitors with Our Personalised SEO Strategies

Don’t forget just like you, your competitors are also working on their web presence. If they are ranking better than you, then they must have an in-house expert or must be hiring an SEO agency to do it for them. This is where we come in! Our experienced team will not only provide you solutions based on your website’s assessment but will also implement strategies to help it rank better and be on Google’s first page.

Our strategy is “If it doesn’t rank, it doesn’t count.” We implement the same for your website’s ranking. If you are not ranking well, then there are chances you are losing prospective customers and sales of your products or services.

And this means that your competitors are performing much better on the search engines as well as getting the customers and the sales. But Websense can help turn that around for your business by helping your website rank better.

Some of our SEO service locations

SEO is crucial to all websites as search engines need good SEO practices to rank the websites. Our experts in search engine optimisation can help your Auckland websites to rank better in your industry. We can help you bring your Auckland based business ahead of your competitors on search engines.

We offer Wellington search engine optimisation services for all businesses. Contact us today to discuss your SEO project.

In addition to above locations in New Zealand, we offer our professional services to other regions and suburbs. Email us and we can start working on your website requirements wherever you are. We provide bespoke SEO services for businesses across New Zealand. Search engine optimisation is an ongoing process that helps your website rank better on search engines for keywords that are relevant to your business.

We create search engine optimisation packages that suit your website and you can take benefit of. Websense Development is driven by growth, growth of your business. We believe in making your website reach the first page of Google and reach your audience.

Contact Websense Development in Wellington for personalised search engine optimisation packages.

Reach your targeted audience with better SEO