What are Keywords in SEO? Search Engine Optimisation Basics SEO NZ
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What are Keywords in SEO Wellington NZ - SEO Keywords Basics

What are Keywords in SEO?

Keywords are the most significant factor in search engine optimisation. A keyword is used to describe the content on your website’s page or post. People often call “keywords” as “focus keywords” or “phrases”.

Keywords are useful in making Google and other search engines understand what the webpage or post is about. It also helps in letting your audience find the website. Keywords are responsible for making your website rank. Using the right keyword can help your website rank well, and a bad keyword can degrade your website’s presence.

Google ranks webpages based on the keywords used. For example, if you have a business of music instruments, then you can choose keywords which are about music instruments. You can use “electric guitar”, “buy musical instruments”, and more.

Keywords can be based on the words you think people will search for businesses like yours, search term you want the business to be found for, what services or equipment you offer, and more.

Your website may have webpages or posts about the electric guitar. If you have electric guitar as a focus keyword, your website may display on the Google search result.

Keyword can consist of more than one word. When a keyword consists of multiple words to target, it becomes a key phrase.

Long tail keywords comprise of more than two or three words. Long tail keywords are more specific and can include the head keyword. Many people target the main or head keyword, but very few people use long tail keywords. Consider long tail keyword as a subtopic. Long tail keywords are useful in focusing on the users who are looking for more specific services or products you may offer. For example, you may have “electric guitar” as a head keyword and “electric guitar for kids and teens” can be the long tail keyword.

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